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If you are into fishing or love to go on a boat, then surely you know that boats are not where things stay nice and dry. Most often than not, there is a film of water on the floor of the boat. Also when you are on a boat, you need to store basic essentials like a map, the boat’s registration papers, and other such items on board.

But no matter how careful you are, things can get wet if not stored properly. That is why a dedicated boat storage box is absolutely essential. From basic glove boxes to extremely water-proof boxes and tackle boxes, there is a lot to choose from.

But below we have handpicked five of the best boat boxes that will help you cut down on the time and effort required in choosing the right one. Read on to find out which one will be yours.

Below are the 5 best boat boxes of 2022

Best boat boxKey specsFull Review
Marine White Locking Glove Box – Storage Locker for Boat & RV. Five Oceans
Door with push button latch; Acrylic capped ABS plastic; Safety lock and key; 155 x 95 mm; UV resistantRead me!
Attwood Boater’s Dry Storage Box
Flip-up lid and lift-out tray; Flip latch; 15.25 x 8.00 x 10.25 InchesRead me!
Boat Glove Box with Integrated Seal
Waterproof lid Durable Plastic body 6x 16 W x 6.25 inchesRead me!
FrontierPlay Aluminum Waterproof Utility Storage Dry Adventure Box Container with a Double Seal
Thick aluminum body with stainless steel hardware; Double seal waterproof gaskets; Available in six different sizesRead me!
DPI Marine DPTC1317BLK DPTC Tackle Center
Molded high impact body; Three and four tray option; Water-resistant access door 13″h x 17 1/2″W x 10 1/2″ deepRead me!

Marine White Locking Glove Box – Storage Locker for Boat & RV. Five Oceans

When you go fishing or boating you will want to keep your boat’s registration papers and a few other important things in a safe place. As the dashboard space of a boat can be really small, you will need a glove compartment that is small but not too tiny that it can only hold a few things.

The Marine white locking glove box is a perfect boat storage box where you can safely store things like important documents, your wallet, and your phone.

It comes equipped with its own lock and key but you can also use the button push latch when not using the key. It has a fuss-free design with a focus on space and comes with rounded corners for safety.


  • Compact –The compact design is high on storage space but fits into any boat’s dashboard space
  • Safety lock – Keep all your valuables safe inside as the door is equipped with a push-button latch that can be locked with a key
  • Corrosion-free – As the entire body is plastic it’s absolutely corrosion and maintenance-free
  • Durable – The body is a strong ABS plastic that is capped with acrylic for extra strength and is also UV resistant to be long-lasting


  • Not water-proof – The product is not completely water-proof but will keep things dry as long as they are inside a water-safe bag

Attwood Boater’s Dry Storage Box

The boater’s dry storage box by Attwood is a completely multi-utility product that can even be used at home, in your car, or in the field. The bright orange container with a large handle is easy to carry everywhere and can be easily found when you need it. It stays put on the floor with straps and prevents injuries to people or damage to your ride.

The flip lid is convenient and cuts down the frustration of misplaced lids. There is plenty of room inside where you can store your important things like maps, electronic devices, and a first aid kit. The lift-out tray helps partition the space and also keeps smaller things handy. The flip latch makes sure that all your things stay safe inside and do not fall out accidentally.


  • Moisture-resistant – The lid comes with an O-ring to seal out moisture and keep your things dry
  • Spacious – There is a lot of room inside and the lift-out tray simply makes it easy to store items for quick access
  • Corrosion-proof –The body is completely plastic making it corrosion-proof for use in moist conditions
  • Visible – The bright orange color makes it highly visible even in poor light conditions for easy access


  • Not water-proof – All your items will stay fairly dry even during rains but the inside is not completely water-proof

Waterproof storage bins | Boat Glove Box with Integrated Seal

As boats can get wet easily, a proper water-proof space is absolutely essential. It gives you complete peace of mind when you know that important things like your phone, wallet, and registration documents are safe and dry.

There is no need to put them in a separate water-safe bag and go through the hassle of fishing them out every time you need them.

The boat glove box with an integrated seal is completely water-proof as it has a bulb seal around the opening to keep water out. It’s made with the highest quality plastic which is the preferred material in marine industries.

The white color blends in with most boats and is used by many marine manufacturers as their default glove box option. The lid opens out to a complete 90 degrees for easy access to your things. It also has a locking flush latch with a key to keep your things safe.


  • Corrosion-proof –It is constructed with a high-quality plastic making it completely corrosion-proof
  • Durable – The main material is King Starboard plastic which is the preferred plastic of the marine industry, making it extremely durable
  • Easy to mount–It has been designed to fit easily into any dashboard space and is very easy to mount into the cutout hole


  • Not spray-resistant – Though the integrated bulb seal keeps water out, it is not advised to directly spray wash

FrontierPlay Aluminum Waterproof Utility Storage Dry Adventure Box Container with a Double Seal

This one from FrontierPlay has everything that a boat storage box needs to keep it completely waterproof. It has a strong aluminum body that will keep your things safe and secure inside.

Forget your important gear and things getting wet as it has a dual seal running along with the lid opening. The latches can be used to adjust the tension, to further ensure a tight seal.

A streamlined rivet-free design makes it extremely long-lasting and the bolts have rubber washers to keep water completely out.

Two lid cables hold the lid vertically for easy access to the stored items. The whole thing is so sturdy that you can even stand on it or use it as a seat.


  • Water-proof – Two continuous gaskets, tension-adjusting heavy-duty latches, and rubber washers around the bolts make it entirely water-proof
  • Corrosion-resistant – An all-aluminum and steel body makes it ideal for use onboard as it is corrosion free
  • Durable – The outer material is made of thick 0.80 aluminum and stainless steel hardware making it extremely long-lasting
  • Portable – There are two rubber cushioned handles at the ends making it easy to carry it wherever you want to go
  • Sizes – It comes in a range of six sizes to suit different capacity requirements


  • No partition – This is a simple container and does not have any partitions for organized storing of items

Boat storage containers | DPI Marine DPTC1317BLK DPTC Tackle Center

If you are a serious angler, it is quite possible that you have a huge collection of bobbers, sinkers, and lures. It is very important to store them properly so that they do not get damaged. It is also equally important to be able to access the right kind of tackle when it is needed.

The tackle center by DPI marine is a must-have for any angler or fishing enthusiast. It comes with a water-resistant door and has four separate trays to give you lots of organized space for your tackle. Each tray comes with partitions so that you can organize all your tackles individually and access them quickly.

Each tray also comes with two flip locks that keep all your hooks, bobbers, and sinkers in place.


  • Corrosion-free – The body is made of synthetic polymer and is totally corrosion-free
  • Compact – It has been designed to be compact so that you don’t have to carry a bulky tackle kit on board
  • Water-resistant –The doors come with a gasket system making them fully water-resistant
  • Safe –A low-profile design makes it safe to use while boating
  • Durable – The body of the tackle center is made of high-impact polymer for a long-lasting performance


  • Not water-proof – The gasket on the access door only keeps the water out but does not make it entirely water-proof


Whether you like to go boating for relaxing or are into serious angling or just like to fish for fun, a boat storage box is of utmost importance. As onboard storage boxes come in different sizes, and shapes and for different storing requirements, finding one out of the myriad number of options can be a tiresome job.

We have carefully selected five of the best boat storage boxes and reviewed them with their pros and cons. This will help you choose the one that best fits your requirements. We hope that one of them makes it to your next trip.

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