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Are you planning a beach vacation soon? Are you going on an adventure trip like river rafting or snorkeling or kayaking? No matter where you are planning your trip and no matter how well ahead you plan, there are a few things that you might sometimes miss out on. One such aspect is ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Packing your bags well ahead can allow you to start your trip stress-free. But packing the right gear and essential protective accessories is what would give you a worry-free trip. Ranging from padlocks or number locks for your travel bags to waterproof bags or dry bags for your gadgets, you have to think about all required safety gear.

Particularly if you would be going near water, keeping your valuables safe on the water, from theft as well as from water is an important aspect to think about. If you are traveling to a crowded destination, theft would be something imminent. So you should make all required arrangements to keep your valuables safe.

Dry bags can help safeguard your belongings against water. Depending on what you carry with you, you can decide on the size and type of dry bag that you would require. Knowing that your belongings are safe and shielded from water, you can peacefully enjoy your trip.

If you are traveling in a group or with your family, if you do not have a dry bag, you can perhaps leave your belongings with someone else in the group. You can leave them in the safety lockers available on most beaches.

But if you are traveling alone and if you are skeptical about leaving behind your valuables, then the one option that would suit you would be to invest in a compact dry bag that you can carry with you.

Here are some tips to help you secure your belongings when you are out by the beach or on a canoeing trip:

Plan and carry only what you really need:

Securing your valuables is the next step. But before that, not carrying too many valuables on your trip can help ease a lot of tension. Based on how long you would be traveling and where decisions on all the indispensable stuff that you should pack.

For example, if you are staying in a place where access to a computer is easily available you can consider leaving your laptop behind unless you really need it. Carrying your camera as well as the lenses and tripods to carry would also depend on how free you would be to use them.

You might not get to use your DSLR if you are going snorkeling or river rafting. In that case, you can leave your DSLR behind. These are just examples to help you figure out and finalize what you would have to carry with you. You need not leave them behind for your entire trip.

You can just lock them up in your accommodation place- like a safety locker in your hotel room. If you don’t rely on the hotel’s safety locker or if your hotel doesn’t have one you can carry a portable safety locker. This can then be secured to a rigid structure in your hotel room.

Invest in anti-theft accessories:

Ranging from handbags to backpacks to camera bags, there are several options in anti-theft accessories. There are anti-theft wallets as well. These come with reinforced sturdy construction that prevents them from being damaged by cuts. There are secure straps that snugly secure them to the traveler so that he can avoid snatch and run thefts.

Some of these even come with RFID blocking features. This would come in handy to store your cards. This can protect your cards from e-pickpockets. These accessories are especially useful when you are traveling to a crowded tourist destination.

These allow you to securely store your valuables while you can focus on the tourist spot without worry.

Choosing the right dry bags:

Dry bags are those that are waterproof. They are made of water-resistant materials like nylon or vinyl. There are waterproof bags for cameras and lenses, laptops, and smartphones. Then there are those best waterproof bags that allow you to carry all your travel essentials.

If you wish to safeguard your gear from mild water splashes, like say when you are on a fishing trip, a waterproof camera or laptop bag or backpack would suffice. But if you are going rafting on a wild river, you would need a bag that can secure a handful of your essentials.

There are also higher chances of your bag falling off your canoe or kayak. So choosing a bag that can float is an added benefit. Choose one that comes with reinforced seams that totally block the seepage of water. Also, look for adjustable straps and carry handles.

This will allow you to secure your bag further. If you are looking for a submersible option there are dry bags that can also perform well underwater. For example, there are clear waterproof mobile cases that allow you to carry your mobile phone while you go for a dive.

You can also operate your mobile underwater.

Freediving dry egg:

Particularly for the divers and snorkelers, freediving dry egg is a useful gear to invest in. With a straightforward design, it is a tightly sealed box that you can carry with you when you dive. Even when immersed in water, it can keep all its contents dry by tightly sealing water away.

There are various options to choose from. Egg boxes of various shapes and sizes are available depending on what you would be carrying inside them. The freediving egg box usually has a tight water-resistant box and a long strap to secure it to your body.

These are some neat ways to protect your valuables from theft and water during your trips. But if you have forgotten to carry any of the protective gear or if you just wish to secure your belongings when you would be close by, here are some quick tips:

  • If you are at the beach, you can gather your belongings in a secure backpack or duffel and bury them in the sand near where you are. You can perhaps put a blanket on it and stay around.
  • To guard your mobile phones against water splashes, you can keep them in a zip lock bag.
  • You can also use old lotion bottles and other recycled untraceable products to secure your keys and currency notes. Use your imagination to think of secure places to store them. Figure out unusual ways to store them to avoid thefts.
  • Buy travel safely. A portable travel safe is a very useful gear that can conveniently store your mobile phone, keys, and other smaller valuables. These mostly come with secure number lock systems.
  • If you are relaxing on a beach chair, secure your bag to the legs of the chair to prevent bag theft. You can even tie your portable safe to your chair for added safety.

A final note:

There are several ways to secure your valuables. Prevention is always better than cure. So being cautious is always the key. When you know that your valuables are safe, you would be able to put your mind at rest. This can help you enjoy your trip better.

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