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All things are not made equal. And same is the case with batteries. They are an essential requirement to keep many things running. But the battery found in cars and trucks is different from the ones found in the motors of boats. Boats require a special type of battery with a deep cycle, for the best performance. 

To keep your boats running and performing well even under heavy usage, it is always better to go in for the best trolling motor battery. A good battery ensures that the motor works efficiently under all conditions and is long-lasting. 

Trolling motor batteries are generally used in jet skis and boats, by giving an instant source of power for the engine to start. They are also used in certain emergency situations that may arise. 

However, the only issue with these batteries is that they lose their charging potential over time. And hence choosing the right one is an important task.

Given below is a review of the trolling motor batteries. 

Comparison Table

Product NameKey specificationsFull Review
MinnKota Trolling Motor Power CenterDimensions -14.9 x 8.7 x 15 inches Weight – 1 pound Ideal for small-sized boats without an additional battery chamber

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Light Trolling Motor Battery Sevylor Minn KotaDimensions: 7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches. Weight – 23 pounds Voltage: 12 Volt Amperage: 35 AH Technology –  SLA, AGM It has a heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that delivers great performance and service life. 

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Newport Vessels Trolling MotorDimensions: 17 x 12 x 10 inches Weight – 3 pounds Great accessory for trolling motors, inflatable boats, and small boats.
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12V 100Ah Battery for Minn Kota, Minnkota, Cobra, Sevylor other trolling motorDimensions – 12.17 x 6.61  x 9.16 inches Weight – 63.93 pounds Ideal for use in trolling motors, consumer electronics, engine starters, power sports, etc. Uses SLA and AGM technology.
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VMAX 12V 35ah AGM Battery + Quickbox Marine Battery BoxDimensions – 7.7x5x6.1 inches Weight of the kit–25 pounds Ideal for solar, marine, and trolling motors, RV’s, and campers. 
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The best trolling motor Battery for pontoon boat | MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

best trolling motor battery

A very lightweight power center, the Minn Kota trolling motor power center is suitable for small boats, pontoon boats, and inflatable fishing boats without any additional battery chamber. 

This best trolling motor battery can be stored safely and securely in this holder, and this model is one of the best ones available in the market. The design is unique and gives you easy access to the battery terminal. The leads of the battery charger and the motor can be connected without opening the box.

This power center has some awesome features such as the inbuilt meter which displays the charge of the battery and 12-volt plug-in accessories. Two manual reset circuit breakers, one with a 15 amp capacity for accessory plugs and the other with a 60 amp capacity are provided. The group 24 and 27 size batteries can easily fit into this center. 

The finish of the product is good, with quality materials used. The lift handles are nice to hold the power case easily.


  • Makes it very easy to carry the batteries.
  • The battery is kept safe and secure. It is very clean without any corrosion.
  • It is very easy to use and set up the battery in this power center and attach it to the boat. 
  • The battery gauge displays the battery charge. 
  • The 12-volt accessory plugs help to give a power source for smaller equipment such as the air pump of an inflatable fishing boat


  • This power center is not suitable for very heavy batteries. 
  • The knobs can be strained over a prolonged period of usage.

12V 35AH Light Trolling Motor Battery Sevylor Minn Kota

This particular motor battery is generally maintenance-free. It is a sealed lead-acid battery that is rechargeable. The sealed acid lead battery has the characteristic feature of a high discharge rate with a deep discharge cover. 

It also can operate under a wide range of temperatures, giving a great advantage. Added to it, the long service life of the battery makes it very reliable. 

This battery also shows resistance to shocks and vibrations. This product can be mounted in any position, which is a really good feature. The heavy-duty calcium-alloy grid provides superb performance. 

The Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology ensures that this can be used in enclosed environments without the problem of leakage. 

These batteries have a wide range of applications. Very suitable for usage in boats, they are also used in electric vehicles, emergency lighting, golf carts, consumer electronics, power sports, etc. 


  • A very powerful battery that delivers great performance.
  • It is small in size.
  • Perfect for trolling motors on boats.
  • Has a long life with deep discharge recovery.
  • Very reliable.


  • As the battery is heavy, loading and offloading could be a hassle.
  • Due to its size, it tends to occupy some amount of space.

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor Smart Battery Box Power Center black

The Newport Vessels power center is a great solution for protecting your battery. This battery box is ideally suitable as an accessory for use in trolling motors, inflatable boats, and small boats.

The cables can be easily hooked to this smart box’s terminals. This one is quite useful as it also is a functional charging and power station. There is one direct USB charger and a 12-volt accessory port. 

The other battery ports are external ones, giving the convenience of easy and safe connections without the need to open the box. There are 2 integrated circuit breakers, one with 10 amperages and the other with 60 amperage capacity. 

This power center is designed to fit in group 24 and group 27-size batteries.  There is a LED battery meter that displays the charge of the battery. 

Some other fantastic features of this smart box center include the built-in rubberized foot inserts, which help to keep it stationed well. 


  • All the accessories can be hooked from outside, providing great ease of operation.
  • Ideally suited for small boats, and trolling motors as well as for many other purposes which require a power inverter.
  • The built-in rubberized foot inserts ensure that the battery stays in place.


  • At times, the battery meter may not show accurate readings. 
  • The plastic buckle used to secure the lid to the box is not of good quality. 

Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA DEEP Cycle VRLA Battery 12V 24V 48V

This universal battery is a deep cycle battery which is a Group 27 battery. It is a sealed lead acid battery, making it maintenance-free. There are no chances of battery leakage as it is a spill-proof battery. 

The biggest advantage of this battery is that it can be mounted, in any position, without any fear of leakage. It has good construction and can resist shocks and vibration. 

This battery fits very easily into any kind of motor like the Minn Kota, Cobra, Sevylor, etc. it is a heavy battery with decent construction quality. With a 12 volts battery and 100 AH, this one is very useful, delivering good performance. 

The Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology used here ensures that the battery gives a superior performance. 

This battery is widely used in many areas including boats, consumer electronics, engine starters, golf carts, portable tools, etc. 


  • It has good deep-cycle charging capabilities. 
  • This can be mounted in any position without the fear of spillage and leakage.
  • It resists shocks and vibrations.
  • The body of the battery does not corrode. The construction quality is good.
  • Its charge-holding capacity is really nice. 
  • It is a durable battery.


  • It is heavy.

Boat Battery Kit: VMAX 12V 35ah AGM Battery + Quickbox Marine Battery Box

A reliable and heavy-duty battery, this 12 Volt 35Ah battery is a marine deep cycle battery. Fitted with the AGM and SLA technology, this battery is maintenance-free.

The entire battery kit has VMAX 12V 35ah AGM Battery with a waterproof circuit breaker VMAX 12V 4-Stage Smart Charger, with two nine inches battery cables. The battery in this kit is ideally suitable for boats that have 18-35 pound thrust motors as well as in Minnkota, Cobra, Sevylor, and other types of motors.

The Vmax battery has a good quality construction with a unique chemical and physical structure of its plates. They have good reliability and high-performance factors that make them an ideal battery for motored boats. 

With the absorbed glass mat between the plates, this range of batteries is a superior one. Another factor is they are resistant to shocks and vibrations, which is an important factor that is considered when buying batteries. 

The maintenance of the battery is very easy and is literally maintenance-free. They have a long lifespan and have the capability to recover after repeated deep discharges. 


  • Overall, a great kit with a charger and battery, and other accessories included.
  • It is the best battery in this category, due to its life span.
  • It is spill-proof.
  • It is shock and vibration-resistant.
  • It is maintenance-free.


  • The charger has to be used frequently, as the battery does not hold a charge for longer. 


This comprehensive review of the best trolling motor battery gives a fair idea of the type of battery to choose for your needs. Choosing the right trolling motor with the right battery makes a huge difference in making your fishing experience an awesome one. 

All the above-mentioned batteries and battery kits have good features, with some advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your requirement, choosing the best motor is generally an easy task. 

The MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center is a very good choice for all those having small boats that do not have a separate battery chamber. The Vmax battery has superior functionality. 

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