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If you are an avid traveler, there are several travel accessories to add to your collection. Ranging from sleeping bags, to travel backpacks to tents and other paraphernalia has to be planned for every trip. One such requisite during travel is a dry bag.

As the name indicates it is a bag that keeps your belonging dry. You would need dry bags during fishing trips, beach vacations, river rafting trips, and the likes. Most top-rated dry bags available on the market are made of nylon or vinyl. In most cases, smaller bags are vinyl ones and larger ones are made of nylon.

There are other features you should consider while searching for the best waterproof bag like the type of bag closure, size, and purpose. You can choose these features depending on whether you need a waterproof bag to stash all your belongings or one specifically for your camera, laptop, or smartphone.

Here are 5 popular dry bags for each of your accessories:

Best DrybagsKey SpecFull Review
KwikTek Dry PakWaterproof duffel bag Suitable to carry all your travel essentialsRead Me!
Dry Bag – 20L Floating Waterproof Bag by Outdoors MASTERLightweight and durable Waterproof, snowproof and dustproofRead Me!
i-graphy Backpack for DSLR and SLR camerasCamera bag for DSLR/SLR camera and lensRead Me!
OQOE Universal Waterproof Case – Black (2 Pack)A waterproof pouch for smartphones Fits up to 6” display smartphonesRead Me!
CoolBell(TM)15.6-inch Laptop Bag With strap Messenger Bag Single-shoulderA waterproof Laptop bag Can hold up to 15.6” laptop/tabletsRead Me!

Let’s now look at the features of each of the waterproof bags:

duffel bag | KwikTek Dry Pak:

It comes with a roll-top design. Safely store all your belongings in the bag and to close, roll the top a few times and snap the side buckles. The tapered design also allows easy access.

To quickly stash smaller items, there are also extra waterproof pouches on the front and back. The bag also features a stable molded pad at the bottom. This offers stability and strength. The bag comes with strong plastic hardware elements.

So you do not have to worry about corrosion or rusting as with metal hardware. The unique feature of the bag is the seams which are electronically welded. The electronic welding ensures that seams are rigidly sealed. This would avoid water seepage at every cost.

This bag also comes with a convenient shoulder strap with shoulder strap. The strap is also adjustable and detachable. Made of tough vinyl/polyester fabric, this makes a versatile waterproof bag. The size of the bag is also sufficient to carry your quick grab-and-go essentials during a camping, boating, or outdoor adventure trip.

To fit every traveler’s requirements for the best boat supplies, this waterproof duffel bag comes in various colors and size options. The roll-down top allows you to pack as much as you want in the bag. This means that you can also carry it when you just have a few things to carry.

waterproof boating bag for Boating, Kayaking, Sailing, Rafting, Stand Up Paddling, Canoeing, and Camping:

If you are looking for a heavy-duty dry bag specifically for boating and kayaking trips, this one is a great choice. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. It is made of 500D tarpaulin PVC which is a heavy-duty waterproof material. This makes the bag a durable one too.

Thanks to the lightweight body and unique construction, it can also float on water securely holding all your belongings. The welded seams make it strongly water-resistant. It is not just waterproof, it is also snow-proof, sand proof, and mudproof.

So you can carry this bag along for all your adventure trips. It comes with a capacity of 20L. Thus it is a roomy bag that can hold all your travel essentials securely. This bag is available in 5 vibrant colors. This bag too comes with a roll-top closure that offers extra secure waterproofing.

The 2 D-ring construction allows you to secure the bag and carry it in more than one way. There is also a removable shoulder strap with an adjustable length. So you can carry the bag as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag.

Best camera bag for DSLR SLR Camera Waterproof:

Unlike other accessories and gadgets, you cannot toss your camera or lenses in a normal bag. To keep your camera body and lens secure you need a special camera bag. This waterproof camera bag by i-graphy can keep your DSLR/SLR camera and lens safe and secure.

The backpack design makes it easy to carry. The bag also comes with a zip-around closure. This makes it easy for you to lay the bag down flat to arrange and access all your camera accessories. The reinforced stitches in the bag make it more durable.

The bag is made of a waterproof nylon material. It features a side mesh pocket and a flap to carry your tripod. On the inside, the pocket is compartmentalized to neatly organize your camera and accessories. The roomy pockets allow storage of lenses, filters, lens hoods, and other accessories.

For smaller items like batteries, chargers, camera cables, and others, there are additional mesh pockets on the closing flap. The inner compartments are also adjustable. So depending on the size of your camera and lenses, you can adjust the sections.

Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, and most other DSLR/SLR cameras can be accommodated in this bag. Its lightweight design also comes backed with impressive durability. So it makes a great choice for a long terms investment.

Best waterproof phone bag | OQOE Universal Waterproof Case – Black (2 Pack):

You can use your usual dry bag to store your smartphone. But the OQOE universal phone case allows you not only to protect your phone but to take it underwater. This comes in handy during diving trips, rafting, fishing or even snorkeling. any mobile up to 6” diagonal dimensions can be fitted inside this waterproof case.

The case also has an attached lanyard 18” long. This comes in handy when you wish to secure the phone case around your wrist or your neck. This sturdy case besides being waterproof also comes with the exceptional durability of the build. It comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

The clear layer of plastic of the case allows you to operate your phone when it is within the case. This is especially useful for your underwater adventures. With your phone securely in its waterproof case, you can also click some underwater images thanks to the clear case.

Besides guarding your phone against water, the case is also dustproof and sand proof. So once you keep your mobile inside the case, you can confidently carry it on all your adventure trips. The locking mechanism includes a snug-fit swivel lock that ensures that your phone is tightly shielded and there is zero water seepage into the case.

Best waterproof laptop bag | CoolBell 15.6-inch Laptop Bag With strap Messenger Bag Single-shoulder

So you now have a choice of a dry bag to hold your camera, your mobile, and all-purpose bags as well. If you are also looking for one that can specifically secure your laptop or tablet, here is a waterproof bag from CoolBell. This one can accommodate a tablet or a laptop up to 15.6”.

The spacious inner compartment comes with 4 sections to neatly organize your belongings. You can securely store your laptop charger cord, or your tablet accessories in the bag. There is also an outer flat pocket. This is handy to quickly store your mobile or music player and other smaller gadgets and accessories including power chords and cables.

The Oxford cloth construction not just makes the bag waterproof but also makes it look slick. Along with the carry handles, there is also a conveniently broad shoulder strap. It comes with a shoulder pad for extra carrying comfort. The foam padding of the bag makes it shockproof and protects your gadgets from damage.

There is also a larger version of this bag available. This one can carry laptops up to 17.3”. The tough construction also makes the bag a durable choice to carry your laptop/ tablets. The bag is also scratch-proof. It comes with heavy-duty metal hardware that adds to the longevity of the bag and prevents it from accidental damage.

A final word:

A small size bag say of a 5-liter capacity would be sufficient to store your basic essentials as you would in a small handbag or a wallet. But if you plan to pack one traveler’s travel essentials say a sleeping bag and a few sets of change clothes, a 20liter capacity bag would be sufficient.

Choosing the right waterproof bag would depend a lot on the type of trip and the purpose. If you are going diving, you might not be carrying all your belongings. So a waterproof smartphone case alone would suffice. If you are however going on a rafting trip or kayaking or canoeing, you can perhaps carry a floating dry bag.

This would keep your belongings safe and ensure that if your bag falls off it doesn’t sink.

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