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Boat ladders are one of those things that you notice only when you have to climb back into a boat after a swim. Even if you argue that you can still climb over the gunwale and make it into the deck, the method is definitely not going to work with everyone.

There are many different types of ladders from metal to rope to collapsible ones. They also come in a range of prices. If you want to find one for your watercraft, you will be bombarded with a zillion options that are available in the market.

To make things worse, they also vary in size depending on the size of your vessel. But you don’t have to worry about choosing the right type as we have hand-picked five of the best easy climb boat ladder of the year. Read on to find out which one will fit your requirements.

Below are the 5 best Easy Climb Boat Ladders of 2022

Best 5 laddersKey SpecsFull Review
Extreme Max 3005.3383 5-Step Pontoon/Dock Ladder100% aluminum body; 5 steps; Square tube frame; 11.5 inches step interval; 15 x 57 inches
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RecPro Marine Pontoon Boat Dock Heavy Duty Aluminum 4 Step Removable Boarding LadderAnodized aluminum frame; 4 steps; Comfortable 51/2” x 16” steps; Tall handrailsRead me!
Three Step Rope Ladder – Choose From Black, Blue, or WhitePre-assembled with 3-steps; ½ inch rope diameter; Available in Black, blue, and white colors; Reusable hardware; UV coatedRead me!
Garelick 12350-21 Folding Pontoon LadderFoldable with 4 steps; 43 x 16 inches; Lightweight anodized aluminum body
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Amarine-made 4 Step Stainless Steel Telescoping Ladder Swim Step3-tier Telescoping design; 4 steps with vinyl treads; 304 stainless steel frame; 45.5 x 11.50 inchesRead me!

Pontoon boat ladders | Extreme Max 3005.3383 5-Step Pontoon/Dock Ladder

Boarding your boat now will be easy with the Extreme Max ladder. The angled aluminum design lets you walk rather than climb onto your watercraft or the dock. This is especially useful for seniors and those who are on the heavier side looking for an easy climb boat ladder.

Best Easy Climb Boat Ladder

It is fully made of aluminum which means maintenance is a breeze as it is corrosion-free and is a very durable metal. The square tube frame makes it easy to grip the rails, in addition to providing the necessary stability to the whole structure. The steps are wide enough to give enough room for placing your feet and are also spaced well for comfort.

With 5 steps, there are enough to prevent you from pulling your leg up high to find the last rung. Also, you can set up the whole thing in under 5 minutes making it easy to store and relocate if needed.


  • Durable – The body is made of 100% aluminum which makes it very long-lasting
  • Sturdy design – The rail and the supporting frame have a square tube design to improve their ruggedness
  • Comfortable – The 5 steps are not only broad and comfortable but they are also spaced well with a distance of 11.5 inches between them
  • Warranty – A 2-year replacement warranty speaks for the quality of the product


  • No mounting screws – Stainless mounting hardware is included but you will have to separately buy appropriate mounting screws


This one by RecPro is perfect if you are looking for a removable boarding option for your speedboat or pontoon. It comes with two sturdy hoops into which the mounting end can be locked into position for use and removed when not required.

There are 4 steps that are spaced well for comfortably boarding your ride. In addition to this, the steps are really broad with a depth of 51/2 inches and wide giving enough room for stepping. Once you reach the top step, the tall handrails ensure that you get on the deck with ease.

This 4- step ladder is ideal for small boats and pontoons making it an easy-climb boat ladder. What’s even better it comes with all the mounting hardware and everything else that you will need for assembly.


  • Strong – The complete metal body is very strong and has a weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds
  • Easy to use – Not only is the assembly easy but due to the mounting hoops, you can remove and store the equipment in seconds
  • Anti-corrosive – An all-aluminum body gives you a rust-free experience for complete peace of mind
  • Easy maintenance – As it is made of anodized aluminum, there is virtually no maintenance required


  • Short – As the length is only 48 inches it is not suitable for larger boats and tall docks

Rope boat ladders | Three Step Rope Ladder – Choose From Black, Blue, or White

Metal and removable ladders sure are very convenient, but if you want something that is light and easy then you can consider one made of rope. Ropes are used in boats for a variety of docking and mooring tasks due to their strength. So it makes complete sense to use them in ladders.

The rungs are made of durable composite materials that are long-lasting. Made of a ½-inch rope, it comes completely pre-assembled with 3 steps, clamps, rope stops, and ends.

So you can virtually start using it out of the box. Simply hang them onto a cleat and you are good to go. You can even add them to an existing ladder to increase the length underwater.


  • Lightweight – This is one of the lightest ladders you will find and weighs a mere 3 pounds
  • Strong – The body is really strong and has an upper weight limit of a whopping 500 pounds
  • Easy storage –When it is not being used, you can just roll and store it even in a small space or carry it in your bag
  • Durable – It comes with a UV coating to prevent damage caused by exposure to the sun


  • Not for everyone – As there are no rails or steps, seniors and the not-so-limber will find this difficult to use

Folding boat ladders | Garelick 12350-21 Folding Pontoon Ladder

If you need a quick and easy option for boarding your boat, then Garelick’s folding ladders might be right for you. It has over rail hooks that can be simply attached to the side gate or folded down to stow when not in use. You can also attach them permanently to the deck with the poly deck mounting cups provided. The hooks are large enough to fit pontoon boats or such small boats.

The steps make boarding easy with their molded design and superior traction. Unlike other such models, it does not just hang from the deck as there are stoppers to help it rest on your toon. Its aluminum body is sturdy enough to make frequent boarding a breeze, in addition to being low on maintenance.


  • Great design – The frame slides to become half its size and the over rails fold down to make it compact for easy storage
  • Sturdy – The metal frame and steps are sturdy enough to take weights up to 250 pounds
  • Lightweight –Weighing only 8 pounds it is very lightweight to remove and store or even carry wherever you go
  • Corrosion-resistant –An anodized aluminum body resists corrosion making it long-lasting


  • No rails – There are no handrails at the top and hence it can be difficult to use for some

Telescoping boat ladders | Amarine-made 4 Step Stainless Steel Telescoping Boat Ladder Swim Step

The Amarine-made telescoping ladders are great for pontoons and small boats. It has four steps that come in a convenient 3-tier telescopic design. The rungs can be extended during use and collapsed into a compact gear for storage. It is constructed with high-quality 304 stainless steel and has a smooth finish similar to some high-end ladders.

Board with confidence as the vinyl treads on the rungs will give you the necessary traction and are also easy on your feet. It has a hinged bracket that folds over the platform for a good fit. Mounting this product is extremely easy. Simply use bolts to secure the brackets to the deck or any horizontal platform and you are good to go.


  • Rugged – The entire body is made of superior quality stainless steel for improved strength and durability
  • Corrosion-free – A completely stainless steel body stays corrosion-free even in salt water
  • Compact –The steps collapse to prevent contact with water when not in use and a Velcro strap holds them in place
  • Safe – The rungs are equipped with non-slip vinyl treads to prevent slippage while stepping on the smooth rungs
  • Quality – It is a 100% marine-grade product that will last a long-time


  • No rails – There are no handrails and so boarding onto the deck could be a bit challenging for some


A very important accessory for your watercraft is a ladder as not everyone is athletic enough to jump onboard without one. Seniors and kids especially need a proper set-up to board any vessel to avoid disastrous consequences.

It is not only important to equip your watercraft with a proper boarding set-up, but is also more important to find one that is safe and comfortable. We have reviewed five of the best boat and pontoon ladders of the year to help you find the one that best suits your needs. We hope that you find one that will sail with your boat for years to come.

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