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The popularity of boat shoes has only increased over time. Despite the practical nature of this type of footwear that it was actually meant to address; over the years, it has become a style statement for men.

The versatility of this kind of footwear is so much that many now prefer these to their loafers or sneakers. The casual and smart appearance that the deck shoes achieve is way above comparison. They set the trends, year on year. And hence these ubiquitous shoes are the most popular style among men of all ages.

When a trend alert is what men want, the army-inspired or the nautical-inspired look always stands at the forefront. Be it the shoes, or the jackets or T-shirts, these styles never stop amazing men.

Deck shoes stem from the popular nautical-inspired look. A smart and casual appearance is the best one that can be achieved by the ever-versatile boat shoe. There are a number of ways to wear these deck shoes and get that nautical-inspired impression.

Here are the various ways to get that stunning impression.

Different ways to wear boat shoes

I.The Different Casual Looks

Based on the different casual looks that can be got, there are three diverse ways to wear deck shoes. Get the following casual looks, by wearing deck shoes and get the most sought-after casual appearance.

  • Leisure Casual or Off-Duty Casual Look
  • Prep Casual Look
  • Casual Smart Look

Leisure Casual or Off-Duty Casual Look

Such shoes generally have a casual appeal, away from the strict boardroom and office room looks. And hence this is a shoe of a leisurely casual look. Therefore, dressing up appropriately with the right attire matters a lot.

Typically, a summer look, the best boat shoe for sailing is generally a summer or spring credential that goes with the summery and free spontaneous look. And to go with the look, a classic summery combination of polo shirt and shorts with topsider shoes makes up for this Leisure Casual or Off-Duty Casual look.

Highly suitable for warm weather, these deck shoes ooze leisurely casualness. With a splash of solid block colors, they make for an extremely dashing accompaniment to the entire leisure attire. Combined with a lightweight jacket, this sure is a trend that catches the attention of many young men.

Prep Casual Look

The prep casual look brings style and structure to the whole appearance. The deck shoes were actually more utilitarian in their purpose. Usually, meant to be worn without socks, the original shoes were manufactured in such a way that the sailors would not slip on the boat deck. And hence it was generally worn without socks.

In order to get the prep casual look, wearing deck shoes without socks is the best way. Pairing them with a pair of chinos, this style is suitable for most men of all ages. Not just the young men, even the older men can get a great and dashing prep casual look. This relaxed footing should be paired with a casual Oxford shirt in neutral colors. A khaki blazer will be an added appeal to this look.

Casual Smart Look

The casual smart look can be achieved with a smart option of a non-formal dress code. Pairing them with slim-fitting denim, an Oxford white shirt along with a tie makes this a casual smart appearance. This one is ideal for that perfect look for a casual summer wedding or even after functions or semi-formal occasions.

II.The Occasions

Topsider shoes are not shoes for all types of occasions. As stated above, they ooze a very unintentional and informal look. And therefore black tie events are not occasions where they are to be worn. If worn, they make the worst fashion mistake ever.

But there are other occasions where deck shoes make for the best accessory. Here is a compilation of the various occasions, when they are very smart and suit the occasion.

  • Travel

They are the perfect pair of shoes to be worn while traveling. The ease of use is so high, that they make every moment very comfortable and enjoyable. They are very easy to slip on and slip off. And hence waiting in the long security lines and running from one corner of the airport to the other is a breeze with these shoes.

Generally, brown or tan colored shoes match any outfit worn for a travel occasion.

  • On a date

These shoes can never be called “overdressed”. They give a very stylish appearance. Quite ideal for smart casual dressing when on a date, deck shoes bring in the much-needed style aspect.

  • Semiformal office occasions

Made just for those semi-formal occasions in offices, the all-black leather boat shoe achieves a very semi-formal look. But remember, deck shoes are not meant for a proper black tie event. They are then considered fashion mistakes that one should avoid.

  • A day out at the beach

These shoes go very well and are perfectly styled for a day out at the beach. They protect the feet from the heat and are cool enough. With a firm grip, they are non-slippery on water surfaces. Pairing these topsider shoes with bright printed shorts with a casual shirt gives the summery look that goes best with a day out at the beach.

III.With socks or without socks

Ideally, top-sider shoes are meant to be worn without socks. But then again, it is a matter of choice. They are some people who wear socks and still manage to create a stunning and stylish impression.

However, there are a few points to be kept in mind, while wearing socks along with these shoes. They are outlined here:

  • Eccentric socks with bold prints stand out.
  • Bold color socks are good.
  • Low-rise socks or hidden socks also are good.
  • Wooly and woven socks in pastel shades look nice on dark brown and tan leather shoes.
  • But when shorts are worn, long socks are a definite no. They give a cheesy appearance.
  • When wearing them to a beach, it is best not to wear socks.

IV.With jeans

Though many prefer to wear jeans with loafers or sneakers, these shoes make a striking combination with jeans. Deck shoes and jeans are a very natural combination that looks amazingly attractive and comfortable.V.Other ways to wear them

The colors of these shoes have a great impact on the overall appearance. Read on to find out more about the different colors that these shoes come in and how to wear them with the right outfits.

  • Navy blue shoes are the most versatile color of them all. They go well with most clothing outfits. They are best paired with gray color and burgundy color outfits. They help in achieving the nautical or sailor-inspired look.
  • Tan color or brown shoes go well with most outfits. They are very popular with most men.
  • White shoes look good in many outfits. But the problem lies with maintaining the white color. A white shirt with navy chinos combined with white deck shoes makes the most impressive combination.

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