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When you own a boat, one of the most important things on your list would be to keep it safe. One of the main damage caused to a boat is when it is docked. If the boat is not well protected against bumping into the concrete or other boats, damages are inevitable.

Top-rated boat fenders are used to protect your vessel from damages caused due to bumping. They can be inflated bladder, a soft foam that is cylindrical or spherical in shape or even flat. It protects by absorbing the shock of the boat as it moves about when docked.

When the boat is tied to a floating dock, these fenders are spread all around the boat above the water line. When the vessel is docked at the home port, the dock is the one that is equipped with such protection. Dock wheels or dock cushions are used to protect the boats in instances when the fenders are not lined up properly and may result in some damage.

Get The Best Boat Fenders

Finding the best set of boat fenders, though crucial is not easy. There are a number of choices available in the market and not every one of them can keep your boat safe from damage. Here is a list of the five best available today, along with in-depth details about them, to help you choose.

Boat FendersKey SpecsFull Review
Norestar Ribbed Boat Fenders5.5×20 inches Pack of 2Read Here
Polyform G Series Boat Fender6 different sizes 6 different colorsRead Here
Extreme Max6×22 inches Suitable for 20-25 feet boatsRead Here
Boat Fenders Bumper Boat Docking27x 8.5 inches Can be used both, horizontally and verticallyRead Here
Super Gard Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender
Inflatable Glossy finishRead Here

Norestar Ribbed Boat Fenders/Bumpers Two Pack with Two Fender Lines

Sometimes you need fenders to be hung vertically and sometimes horizontally, in order to offer the best protection. Norestar offers exactly that flexibility. This pack of two fenders is designed to protect your boat against abrasion and damages caused due to bumping.

best boat fenders


  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically
  • Comes in a pack of two and is black in color
  • Each fender measures 5.5 x 20 inches and can protect the boat up to a good 20 inches
  • Package includes two black fender lines
  • Is non-abrasive and made to last
  • Comes inflated with ideal pressure, and is re-inflatable to any pressure with a sports pump


  • When used horizontally, a fender offers more protection as more space is covered. These high-quality boat fenders can be tied, either way, hence serving a double purpose in a single purchase.
  • The marine-grade vinyl used in the making of these fenders protects them from sun and salt. The smooth surface is safe to be used with the gel coat of the boat and does not cause any markings on the boat.
  • These come with matching lines, thus saving a trip to the store in the hunt for the perfect lines.
  • The lines are made of soft material, which can be coiled easily. It does not leave any marks on the vessel either.


  • The measurement mentioned on the package is including the eyelets. Hence the actual surface that protects your vessel will be smaller.
  • May not be suitable for very rough weather or high tides, where the boat would bump into another surface very frequently.

Polyform G Series Boat Fender

Polyform G is a well-known name for boat fenders and they have come up with new and improved designs to protect trailered boats.


  • Sized evenly throughout to offer maximum strength
  • Made to last long
  • The ribs are molded in for better resistance against puncture and abrasion
  • Rope holds are reinforced for easy attaching
  • The polyform valve is unique, it last longer
  • One package contains one inflated fender


  • It comes in six different sizes, to suit boats of different sizes. The smallest being G-1 and the largest being G-6
  • It comes in different colors too, thus enabling you to match it up to your boat or its fittings
  • The larger models – G3 to G6 designed for bigger boats have polyform inflation, which makes it more effective in protecting the bigger boats.
  • The ribs are molded in and thus protect against abrasion better than a smooth fender
  • The rope holds are designed to be sturdy and strong enough to hold the ropes better, thus lasting longer.
  • The best value for money as it costs much lesser than similar fenders in the market


  • No ropes are provided with the fenders, hence one has it buy them from outside. This makes it difficult to use them right away and finding the rope of the right thickness can take some time.
  • The bigger sizes are very big and bulky, making it difficult to stow in a medium-sized boat. One cannot buy the bigger size for added protection as storing it becomes a challenge.

Extreme Max 3006.7204 Boat Tector Fender Value 2-Pack, 6″ x 22″ – Black

Investing in the best boat fender is very important as far as the safety of your vessel is concerned. One can never take the wind and tides lightly, as they can cause maximum damage to a docked vessel. Fenders from Extreme are designed to offer superior protection to boats of all sizes.


  • The eyelets are molded to the fenders, thus increasing the durability
  • Suitable for boats of 20-25 feet in length
  • The package contains two fenders and two fender lines
  • Measures 6×22 inches
  • Easy to inflate and deflate via the needle valve with any sports pump
  • A limited warranty of 2 years
  • Comes in other colors too


  • The fenders are large and thus suitable for big boats too. The size is good enough to add enough protection to boats as big as 20 feet.
  • The needle valve allows you to increase or decrease the pressure, very easily, with just a regular sports pump. No special equipment is needed.
  • The line holes are molded to the fenders, thus making it sturdier and long-lasting, despite the regular tugging of the lines.
  • It comes as a pack of two with the lines. One need not hunt for the perfect lines that will go through the eyelet.
  • The body of the fenders are UV stabilized and resistant to chemicals, thus making it more durable and a good option to keep your boats safe


  • These are too big and are suitable only for large boats, unlike what the package says
  • May develop problems after the initial few weeks of use

Affordura Boat Fender 4 Pack Boat Bumpers Fenders

When you have enough good-sized fenders, your boat is always safe from all bumps, be it against another vessel or even concrete. This is why Affordura offers you a set of four, of good size, to ensure your boat is safe, always.


  • Reinforced rope holes for more sturdiness
  • Made of commercial strength marine vinyl
  • Comes as a pack of four
  • All four are non-abrasive and UV resistant
  • Can be used both horizontally as well as vertically
  • Measures 27×8.5 inches
  • Can be filled using a regular sports pump


  • A set of four fenders ensures your boat is well protected even if you have just one kit
  • They do not lose color like other such products in the market, due to constant exposure to water and sunlight
  • Made to last long and withstand heavy usage
  • The needle provided can be used with any regular sports pump, thus making it easy to be inflated and deflated as required


  • There is no additional reinforcement to hold the ropes in place, as extra support will be required when used with bigger boats
  • Tends to crack in cold weather
  • Needs to be refilled frequently, making it higher maintenance than anticipated as one does not want to keep checking if the fenders are holding pressure
  • Though the warranty lasts for a whole month, shipping back the defective goods costs more than the fenders themselves

Taylor Made Products 950824 Super Gard Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender

Fenders need not be just purposeful, they can look attractive too. After all, they are your boat’s accessories. Taylor Made Products addresses this issue and brings you not just good protection for your boat but also good-looking protection. With the latest technology and superior design, this attractive-looking fender will add some style to your boat.


  • Made of marine-grade vinyl and is of very high quality
  • The ends are double molded for added strength
  • Single piece with the sides ribbed which effectively minimizes the roll
  • Has a rubber football needle valve. Can be easily inflated using any pump
  • Inflatable fender, hence size may vary based on the level of inflation
  • Valves are molded in. This in turn facilitates easy inflation, thus extending the life of the fender
  • Measures 30×10.5×10.5 inches and weigh 5.8 pounds


  • One of the few good-looking protection aids used on a boat
  • Very good quality product prized lower than many others in the market
  • Comes in different colors to match the boat or the upholsteries
  • Being made as a seamless single piece, there is no room for breaking or gaps forming, resulting in seepage of water
  • The ribbed exterior ensures the fender does not roll around if used in the water.


  • Pack consists only of only one fender
  • Inflatable products don’t have a fixed size, hence the size can vary every time


While selecting the fenders for your vessel, one needs to consider more than just the brand. Though the make is important, the size, material used and design are important too. These fenders are designed with the safety of the vessel in mind and are made to withstand all tides and even winds.

A fender that does not crack due to the constant exposure to water and sun is the one to be trusted as your boats can not be docked in the shade. When these come in colors, one has the option to color coordinate and increase the boat’s attraction.

Choose the best boat fenders after reading through not just the features but also the good and the bad as told by the customers. First-hand feedback can help you choose the right product and save you from spending on the wrong ones.

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