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When you own a boat, you want it to be in pristine condition at all times. This does not stop with just getting the engines and other hardware serviced regularly so that they can work well at all times. The presentation of your vessel is very important too. Keeping it clean has to be one of the top priorities of any boat owner and that is why they need the best boat cleaner.

Since these vessels are always in the water, the hull and the exteriors are always exposed to water and will have different formations on them. Right from mold to some deposits, the boat will have it all. If not cleaned from time to time, these can wreak havoc with your vessel and cause irreparable damage too.

To keep them in top shape, you need the perfect products that can work their magic on various surfaces. Here is a list of 5 products one must absolutely own if you want your boat to be clean and free of rust and other formation, at all times.

Here are the 5 products that will be discussed in detail:

ProductSpecific FeaturesFull Review
303 UV ProtectantCan be used on all parts of the boat Repels stainsRead Here
3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner And RestorerComes in an easy-to-use bottle
Read Here
Bio-Kleen ‘Aluma Kleen’ Aluminum CleanerCleans out the watermarks Protects from corrosionRead Here
3M Marine Restorer & WaxComes in an easy-to-use spray bottle and can restore surfacesRead Here
Spray Nine Marine CleanerIt is odor free Can be used on any surfaceRead Here

Boat hull cleaner | 303 UV Protectant 5 Gallon for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather & More

Best Boat Cleaner

The hull of your boat is what goes through the most abuse due to exposure. It is exposed to different types of water, dirt, weeds, etc. the hull of the boat is what gets stained and dirtied the most, and also the most difficult to clean. This is because one has to rig a dingy and go around the boat, cleaning up the hull.

No matter how well you clean it, it needs a protective layer on it, so as to repel dirt and other stains. The lesser it gets dirtied; the easier it is to clean it up. The 303 UV protectant can protect all parts of your boat from the harsh rays of the sun.


  • Can be used on all surfaces – rubber, plastic, vinyl, PVC, gel coat, finished leather, and even fiberglass
  • Leaves the surface looking clean, fresh, and new. It adds shine to the surface which makes it instantly more appealing
  • In addition to protecting your surfaces from cracking and discoloration caused due to the sun’s rays, it also repels dust and stains as well. Makes cleaning a lot easier
  • You can use it on surfaces and need not rinse it off. It is a rinse-free formula and does not leave any marks behind
  • It is free of any odor, thus enabling you to use it on the interior of the boat too
  • All you have to do is spray it on the surface. It comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle too


  • Cannot be used on unfinished leather surfaces as it can cause damage
  • Can damage clear plastic surfaces

Best boat cleaner Boat vinyl cleaner | 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner And Restorer

Vinyl surfaces are the most preferred for boats as they are easy to clean and sturdy. However, even these surfaces need to be cleaned and maintained well, to keep up their look. If not maintained properly with the right products, these surfaces can not only look faded but can also crack up, leaving your boat looking bad.

The 3M Marine Vinyl cleaner and restorer is more than just a boat cleaner, as the name suggests. It helps bring back life to your vinyl surfaces by making them brighter.


  • Cleans the stains easily
  • Softens the rough spots that tend to form on surfaces after a period of time
  • Cleans not only vinyl but some plastic surfaces too
  • Effectively gets rid of mildew too, which is a common feature in all boats
  • Apart from just cleaning up the stains, it helps in conditioning the surfaces, giving them a breath of fresh air


  • Though it cleans out stains well, it is not very effective on stains that are old or have set in for a while
  • The bleaching effect continues even after wiping down the product. This may cause some damage if you have overused the product, expecting it to stop working once you clean it off.
  • Does not effectively clean out the mold
  • Like most other cleaners in the market, it cleans only surface-level stains. Does not clean out the stains that have seeped in

Aluminum boat cleaner | Bio-Kleen ‘Aluma Kleen’ Aluminum Cleaner

Metal surfaces need to be cleaned with specialized cleaners that are specifically formulated for that purpose. This is because certain ingredients can cause corrosion and leave marks on the surface. Now, that is something one does not want to see on any boat.

Aluma Kleen from Biokleen is one of the best boat cleaners that has been formulated just for that purpose. Made to fight oxidation and stains, this solution is bound to keep your aluminum surfaces totally clean.


  • Does not just clean but also brighten’s up the metal surface
  • Discoloration and oxidation can make your boat look pretty bad. This solution removed both of them as well as other stains, for a clean look
  • Rust is one recurring problem. This solution is formulated with corrosion inhibitors which prevent the rust from returning
  • Salt deposits can corrode aluminum surfaces faster than you can imagine. This cleaner removes the road salt, thus protecting your boat from corrosion.
  • Very easy to use as it is ready-mixed and can be sprayed on the surface directly


  • Cannot be used much on metal surfaces other than aluminum, as it can cause severe damage
  • It is not very effective at removing the corrosion marks that are bound to appear on metal surfaces over a period of time
  • If used on a polished aluminum surface, it can leave the surface looking dull. Another coat of polishing will be required after the cleaning.
  • Tends to leave a chalky white film over the surfaces which need to be cleaned with another cleaner designed for that purpose

Fiberglass boat cleaner | 3M Marine Restorer & Wax

When you clean any surface of your boat, chances are that you had to scrub out some deposits. Though there are a number of cleaners in the market, not many fight against these deposits effectively. The 3M marine restorers and was, on the other hand, fight these deposits and do more.


  • Effectively removes oxidation deposits. These deposits are not only difficult to remove but are very common and form very regularly as the vessel is always exposed to moisture
  • Apart from oxidation, it can remove other stains such as chalking, exhaust stains, rust, fading, and even minor scratches. When these stains are removed, your boat can be restored very close to its original look
  • Provides a protective layer on the fiberglass and gel coat of the boat. This gives your boat a gleaming look when on the water
  • It is liquid, easy to apply, and requires only a single application. Saves a lot of time as it is a two-in-one formula
  • Restores shine and makes your boat look like it is brand new. The was helps in improving the appearance of the surface


  • It is abrasive in nature, hence not suitable for glass surfaces. Using it on the window or other glass surfaces can cause more harm than good to the glass
  • Tends to leave a greasy layer after cleaning. The residual wax can make the surface look hazy. Hence a good buffer is a must

Best boat seat cleaner | Spray Nine Marine Cleaner

Your boat seats need a special boat cleaner too. They have to keep in good condition as bad-looking seats can really ruin the look of your boat. The seats are not just for you to sit on but also a venue to experience luxury. There are a number of seats for you to choose from and each one of them needs to be cleaned and maintained properly.

The marine cleaner from spray nine is a blat cleaner specially formulated to work as both a cleaner and a disinfectant. This can be a handy cleaner one can stock up on their boat.


  • Can do more than just clean stains. Can be used as a disinfectant too
  • When germs and bacteria accumulate, you are left with a strong odor that just doesn’t go. This solution can do away with odor and be a good disinfectant too
  • It can be used on vinyl, carpets, and even other hard surfaces
  • It can effectively remove mold and mildew formation from all the surfaces
  • Preferred by many sailors, as their go-to boat cleaner
  • Can be used in all areas of the boat like the hull, boat covers, jet skis, personal watercraft, life jackets, etc


  • The scum lines formed on the hull of the boat may not be removed effectively with this spray
  • Sometimes mold can be hard to get rid of and this solution cannot effectively do away with such formations
  • Does not clean up the yellowing on the seats. These yellow stains are due to the age of the seat as well as exposure to the sun
  • Getting the mildew off the surfaces can be a little tricky. This solution though helps with the mildew, cannot remove it completely


Taking care of your boat must be one of the top priorities for anyone who wants to show off the vessel. Cleaning a boat from top to bottom is the ideal way to keep any vessel in good shape and reduce maintenance expenses. Find the right solution based on your needs and see it work its magic.

Vinyl seats, plastic bodies, or anything else is part of the boat which requires a good boat cleaner to clean them. When cleaned and waxed, your boat is going to look like it is new.

Get the right product today and enjoy a pristine, well-maintained boat.

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